Promotion of strong people’s organization/self-help structures and enhancement of in its skills and capacity is an important aspect for ensuring greater participation and ownership of the people in the programs. It is an important strategy adopted by the organization to ensure sustainability and continuity of the initiatives. Thus people are the centre of the entire program being implemented by the organisation.

A key focus on all our programs is to build capacity of the people by organizing them for collective action against exploitation, social injustice; gain better access to information, public service schemes, rights and entitlements and play an active role in their development processes. This concept is based on the principle that every human being, however poor or vulnerable has potential. Once people organize themselves, analyse their situation and decide their priorities and direction suitable for them and they steer their lives in that direction. In this respect it is important to strengthen people’s organizations by empowering their skills for better management, inclusion and participation in all aspect of the program. Different need based training programs, workshops, exposure tours and interface with technical institutions are conducted periodically in the areas of internal management of the institutions, leadership building, facilitating access to bank linkages and social security schemes.

Forming and strengthening community based people’s institutions are the important strategies to achieve sustainability and continuity by sustaining the development process. It also helps in phasing out by a process of role change and handing over the responsibilities to People’s organizations. JKS has been instrumental in facilitating the formation and strengthening of different self-help structures like 608women Self-Help Groups with 9,661 members and linking it up with the Mandal level federations, 306 Community based organizations, 104farmer’s clubs, 32Water User’s Committees, 21 Rythu Mitras, 41 children’s clubs, 63 Persons with Disability groups and its federation, 16 Disabled Person’s Organizations at mandal level etc. for collective action and ensuring sustainability and continuity of the processes that are initiated.