In line with Vision 2020 which aims to prevent avoidable blindness, Jana Kalyana Samakhya (JKS) aims to ensure that no one is blind from avoidable causes and the visually impaired people participate equally in the society and develop their full potential. The main components of the project include eye care, education and rehabilitation.

Jana Kalyana Samakhya (JKS) in partnership with Sightsavers - UK started the Comprehensive Eye care Services project in June 2003. In the first phase of the program (2003 to 2006) the approach was on service delivery model and the second phase – 2006 to 2009 focused on community participation and ownership. The 3rd phase of Comprehensive Eye Care project (2010 to 2012) focuses on advocacy, inclusion, education, formation and strengthening of BPOs, DPO, Eye care Committees / People’s Organizations (POs) etc. Under the program JKS runs 3 Vision centres at different locations catering to nearly 0.6 million population. The program covers 14 mandals in Vizianagaram district with a population of approximately one million. At the same time different programs are organized in a collective manner under the banner of Vizag Network and it gives ample opportunity for the members of the network for sharing best practices, issues, cross learning and advocacy.

All efforts have been made for better inclusion of disabled people to give them an opportunity for maximizing their potentials. The Community has been educated and enhanced participation of the key stakeholders in all aspect of the program. It has ensured greater community ownership, better linkages and management of the programs. At the same time, the organization has formed and strengthened DPOs and BPOs, their leadership qualities and increased involvement in their development processes. DPOs have established networking and linkages at district and regional levels to play a proactive role in eliminating avoidable blindness, disabilities and accessing to their rights and entitlement. As a part of achieving suitability and continuity of the program, the responsibility of implement ting of the program including Vision Centres has been handed over to the PWD/DPO Federation and People’s organization, in a phased manner. It is expected to bring greater ownership, participation of thetarget group as it involves key stakeholders at all levels of the project management cycle.Some of the key accomplishments under the program over the years are given below:-

S. No. Particulars Persons Covered
1 Number of Persons Screened 51,083
2 Number of persons undergone cataract surgery 17,860
3 Number of persons received Spectacles free of costs /subsidy 7,350
  Number of children screened 48,640
4 Children under gone surgery for eye diseases 24
5 Nos. of Children received spectacles free/subsidy 143
6 Paediatric camps -3 201
7 PWDs economically rehabilitated 22

1 Number of People's organization/ECC formed 16
2 Number of PWDs groups 63
3 Mandal level DPOs/ PWD groups 6
4 Children’s Clubs 6

1 Number of Vision Centres (VC) 3
2 Population covered under the 3 Vision Centres 5,20,000
3 Number of persons screened at the VCs 9,568
4 Spectacles provided through Vision Centres 2,219